It was my birthday yesterday and I had an unexpectedly delightful day. I was all prepared to wallow in self pity because I am interstate from all my family and friends, but I didn't have a chance. Just as well, really... that kind of thing should not be encouraged!

I went to church in the morning and was accosted immediately after the service by friends who offered to take me out to lunch. We went to the Airstream Cafe, which had nice food (at least, my BLT foccacia was nice) at a reasonable price... not cheap, but not outrageous. Particularly cheap for me, since they generously paid for my meal. It was a nice, relaxed afternoon with lots of friendly conversation. This is a family I don't know very well so I enjoyed chatting with them about the deep and the superficial. (I mentioned the TV show 'Black Books' and they said they liked it. I thought to myself, "I knew you were my kind of people!") We wandered off down the road afterwards for coffee, gelato and more conversation. When we eventually separated to head home the wife of the couple gave me one of her CDs, which we'd been discussing earlier (I already have her other solo CDs but not this one). There was a struggle going on inside me between the thoughts, "Artists really should be paid for their work, even if they're friends" and "Woo-hoo! A free CD!" The latter thought won.

I came home to find a card from my housemate, containing a poem telling me to go look in the garage. I found a mug filled with Maltesers (yum) and another poem telling me to look in my linen cupboard. There I found a bottle of perfume and a final poem directing me elsewhere, where I found a glass serving platter. It was lots of fun and the gifts were lovely too.

In the afternoon I went to my other church, where friends approached me and invited me back to their house for cake (baked in honour of my birthday) and coffee. The teenage daughters of the family had made me a card on their computer, and they all sang happy birthday and made me blow out candles (not the full number for my age, though... I don't think they had that many...)

In addition to all this love and care I also had a number of text messages and phone calls from people in my home town. All in all, a truly delightful day!


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