My Dad is in hospital at the moment, with a mystery illness that looks like it's turning out to be Type 2 diabetes. He's lost a bit of weight recently but apart from that he hasn't had any really obvious symptoms (and with two people in the family with Type 1 diabetes, we're fairly aware of the symptoms) so it's all a little strange. He was quite ill earlier in the week - dizzy and unable to balance - so Mum took him to Emergency and they admitted him that day. He seems to be fine but they haven't worked out whether he's to go on tablets or injections. I imagine that tablets would be his preference... I know it would be mine, were it me in the hospital!
Apparently he'll be coming home today (10 November) but they still haven't worked out whether he has Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, so I don't know what that means in terms of injections or tablets.


D.M. Cornish said...

Sorry to hear about your dad, Swelly. How is he? How are you?

I actually was wanting to ask for your best Latin approximation for "alone against the evil", & "alone against the foe". Seems a bit silly now.

You're in our prayers, ma'am.

femina said...

I spoke to him tonight - he's still in hospital but seems okay. They were supposed to be visiting this weekend... should I be offended that he's gone to such extreme measures to avoid the trip??

Thanks for your prayers. I'll e-mail you.

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