New home!

We found a place to live! Actually, not "we", as I had nothing to do with it - my future housemate found the ad, rang the owner and sweet-talked her (all from interstate, I might add). All I had to do was show up, see the place, smile sweetly and look like a responsible tenant. And I know you're reading this, my friend, so this is your public recognition - excellently done and you have much gratitude from me!

The house is much bigger than anything I've seen thus far and is definitely underpriced. It's a private leasing arrangement, which normally worries me but not this time. The owner has had two long term tenants in this place and one long term tenant next door (to whom she has already introduced me) so she's obviously a good landlady. No one stays 7+ years in a place with a bad owner, no matter how great the place is.

Our lease starts from 1 January - a good start to a new year. I'm excited! (And completely broke, once the lease and first month's rent is paid on Tuesday, but hopefully I'll have enough time to save up some money for a removalist... not worrying about it yet.)


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