Saddam Hussein

They've just confirmed that Saddam Hussein has been executed for crimes against humanity. I must say I don't know how I feel about this. He did some terrible things, there's no denying that, and it's unlikely that a fine or imprisonment would have stopped him or his followers. But still... was killing him the solution? And what is it that we're trying to 'solve' anyway? Murder of innocents? Plenty of that has been done in many, many wars but it's only ever the losing side that's tried for these crimes. I just feel strongly that murder is not the solution to murder, and it's no deterrent. If executions worked there would have been no dictators after the Nuremberg trials, but of course there have been dictators and corrupt governments all through history.

Anyway, one corrupt leader has died today. I don't know if he remained unrepentant or if he turned to the living God at the end. Probably not... and if not, that's the truly terrible thing about his death.


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