Moving house

I have just moved house. Unfortunately my furniture (meant to be arriving from interstate) is lagging behind, so I'm rattling around in empty rooms. I do have my bedroom furniture and my desk, but that's about it. No fridge, no saucepans, no microwave. I have a few provisions in an esky, for which I buy a bag of ice every day, but we've just had three 35 degree days in a row so the poor esky is struggling. As is the esky's poor owner, since my fan is also in transit!

Anyway, I'm feeling quite good about having some elbow room and being able to unpack the things that have been in storage for three years. And I suppose it's been good to have a delay on the delivery of my furniture since it means I've been able to unpack most of what's here before the rest of it arrives, so I'm actually ahead. Still... it would be nice to have a fridge... and some chairs!

The other day I had someone here connecting the phone and cable internet. The job took about two hours and during that time I had a Christian CD playing (one of the Emu Music CDs). I was unpacking things and pottering around so I just had it playing in the background, on repeat, while I worked. I didn't bother to change it since I was in and out of rooms and busy doing things. I realised afterwards that the technician probably heard the words "Jesus" and "God" about 200 times. Heh... stealth evangelism!


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