Hurrah, I have unpacked every last box and put away every last bit of junk that was lying around! The only things left now are some items I'll be putting up on Ebay, but they're tucked out of the way for the moment so they don't look messy. My housemate has a few things to go but it's mostly bedroom stuff and apparently his bedroom is fully functional (in terms of being able to get to clothes and the bed) so I think he'll take his time with it. Anyway, the house looks like a home now... and feels like one too. I still don't have much food in the house but enough to stave off malnutrition and starvation until I get paid again.

The bad news (for me) is that my landlady came over today to pick up something and informed me that two of my pieces of wooden bedroom furniture have borers in them! (She's an antique/furniture dealer so she knows what she's talking about.) She reckons I should throw them out immediately but I'm not keen to do that because (a) I really like at least one of them; and (b) I can't afford to replace them. So I'll be implementing Plan B, which is to take them outside and spray kerosene all over them. Sigh. I have no way of knowing whether the borers are active or not - ie, they may have been in it previously but be dead now. I want to believe they're not active, since they're only in these two bits of furniture and nothing else has been affected... but then again, these two pieces are both pine. They may go for the nice, soft wood first and get on to the other stuff later! It's strange, actually, because one of the pieces has been in my bedroom for the last few years, touching my wooden bed (which is not affected) and the other piece has been in storage for three years, touching other unaffected wooden furniture, so they can't really have infected each other and they don't seem to have infected anything else. Anyway, I'll try the kerosene thing and see how it goes.

In other news... I heard a great sermon the other night. It was on the temptation of Jesus as told in Luke's gospel. The preacher made the point that satan doesn't just work through the occult; he tempts us with the good things that God has provided for us - like when he tempted Jesus with food, which is a good thing in itself. He (the guy preaching) said, "Satan tempts us with the good so we will turn away from the best." Ouch. So true.


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