More trials of moving house

The pile of flattened packing boxes outside my back door is now so big that I could nearly build another house with it. I am nearly at the end of getting stuff out of boxes but finding places for it all is taking slightly longer. Places other than the middle of the floor, I mean. It's getting there but my attention span seems to be getting shorter every day, to match my diminishing enthusiasm about the whole thing, so it's a slow process.

The other night I had dinner with friends, which was delightful on many levels. It was the day before my furniture arrived so it was great to eat something other than cheese sandwiches, and to sit on a chair instead of the floor; and it was also very nice to relax and chat with people. Every time I go home (interstate) for Christmas I spend loads of wonderful time with friends and family, and it's always a bit disheartening to come back here where I'm much more solitary. This time, however, I felt like someone actually noticed I was gone! It felt good to come back and be welcomed with love - not just by this couple, but by other people at church who made a point of coming up to me on Sunday and welcoming me back. This was at the 'new' church (for those who've been following that story) which, for reasons like this one, I think may soon be my only church.


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