Letting go

Tonight is my last evening at my (soon to be) old church. I have mixed feelings about leaving... a large part of what I feel is a sense of relief, because I've been very hurt by both the general lack of love and by a couple of specific incidents. However, I know that holding grudges is one of my worst faults, so I want to try hard to be loving and gracious. I have been at the church for three years and I have some good friends - I don't want to look back on the entire three years with a sense of bitterness, because that would be undeserved. And I'm sure I've played my own part in the lack of love too, so I shouldn't place all the blame with other people. However, I think that leaving is part of what will help me get over the hurt and anger so hopefully I'll be able to maintain good relationships with the friends I have there, and not feel anger or bitterness towards the church. Relying on God's strength for this, of course...


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