Great evening; unpleasant end

I had some friends around to dinner last night and it was a lovely evening (eventually... they ended up being an hour late, for reasons beyond their control, but better late than not at all). I cleaned up and did a few things after they left and got to bed around midnight... at which point I realised that my mildly annoying sore throat had become a raging sore throat and was now coupled with sinus pain, a headache and a snuffly nose.

After several hours of tossing and turning and unsettled dozing I decided to ring work this morning and tell them I'm sick and can't come in. (I also woke up with chest pain, although that seems to have gone now and was probably just congestion.) Anyway, I don't think my supervisor was impressed with me at all. I've only been there about 6 weeks so I suppose she's wondering if this is likely to be a regular occurrence, but still... I can't help getting sick and I really don't want to be coughing and sneezing all over my customers and their groceries. I suppose if I keep getting crappy shifts - or no shifts - I'll be able to work out whether or not she was annoyed with me!

And in other news:
I am having some trouble settling in to research mode in my reading for uni. I have a whole lot of little assessments due this year, as well as the thesis, and there are no real deadlines so I don't have my head around them yet. I need to sit down, work out exactly what's due, create some deadlines for myself and then work out my topics. But not right now because I really need to go back to bed.


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