Praise God, I have just been awarded not one, but TWO scholarships! I'm not a millionaire now or anything, and I still need to work in order to do wild and crazy things like eat and pay the rent, but this gives me a lot more breathing space than I had previously, and has relieved some major pressures (which would probably explain why my first reaction was to burst into tears and cry for about 30 minutes... apparently I was a little more stressed about this than I'd realised.)

Is there a way of saying "God is great" without it sounding like "God is great because he gives me stuff"?? Nevertheless, God IS great, whether or not he gives me "stuff"... and he gave me Jesus, who is waaay better than any old scholarship! Well, anyway, no matter how it sounds the fact is I am very grateful to my loving, compassionate and gracious God who continues to provide for me.


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