Continued blessings

When I received the letters about the scholarships (a mere four days ago) I thought, "If I can just pick up two more cleaning jobs I'll be able to quit the checkout chick job and just do the cleaning." The way it works is, I get a student benefit from the government, but this reduces if I earn over a certain amount. So I was working at the supermarket, losing money from the government benefit and working two cleaning jobs to make up for what I was losing by working at the supermarket. By taking on extra cleaning jobs I'll end up with roughly the same in the hand but I'll be earning it in 8 hours per week instead of 20... and that was the real issue for me, because it felt like I was spending all my time working and was trying to fit uni in around it. Madness.

Anyway, in the last four days I have managed to pick up three more cleaning jobs, which means I actually have five, but two of them are fortnightly on alternate weeks so it's only four per week. I said to my housemate this morning, "I can't believe I said I need more cleaning jobs and they've just appeared almost instantly!" (To which he replied, "And you've been a Christian for how long??") So I quit my supermarket job today and am now chatting with all my cleanees to work out suitable days. I'd like to split them over two days because I'm not particularly keen on doing eight hours of cleaning on one day!

I was chatting with another friend today about the way I'm constantly surprised when God provides for me in this way (these "coincidences"). She said, "It just shows how broken we are, when we can't leave things in God's hands and are so surprised when he looks after us." Unfortunately, so true.


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