A new home!

Finally a good news phone call from a real estate agent! This morning I received a call asking if I were still interested in a place for which I'd applied two weeks ago... this phone call meant that I was shortlisted, but I've been in that position before so I wasn't getting my hopes up. This afternoon I received a call from the property manager - and I knew before she spoke that I had the place. If you don't get it, the receptionist calls; if you do get it, the property manager calls. I was nearly incoherent with joy!

It's not a new place and some parts of it are looking a bit tired, but it's clean and roomy and it's not the kind of place where I need to line the kitchen cupboards with newspaper or wear thongs/flip-flops in the shower. To be honest I don't remember it all that well since it is one of many I've seen in the last several weeks - I have better memories of the places for which I didn't apply because they were generally so disgusting they stuck in my mind! I know I liked it though... I made the decision some time ago that I wouldn't submit applications for any place unless I was sure I would be happy to live there. Happy, not just 'able to tolerate it'. I remember the kitchen was fairly large (for an apartment) and there seemed to be a lot of storage space in the apartment. The bedrooms are smallish but the main bedroom isn't much smaller than what I have here, with slightly more wardrobe space. And it's in a suburb I wanted to live, so it's all good.

And where was God in all this? As it turns out... here the whole time. With my usual sparkling clear hindsight, I can see how God was at work not just in directing me to this place but in teaching me to trust him even when things don't work out the way I want. There were a lot of ups and downs in this process and several disappointments - one place in particular I really wanted and was devastated when I didn't get it - but I think it's taught me to rely on God. There were plenty of whiny prayers from me, I admit, but I've slowly come to pray more and more "I shall trust you whatever the outcome, and trust that all of this will make me more like Jesus." And it's been good to see God's involvement, as I posted last time. Why should he care about this stuff? No reason at all... except that he is good and loving and he knows me by name.

Edit: Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention... this place is $50pw cheaper than the place I turned down the other week. I feel vindicated!


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