Miss Surrey

A size 16 model has just won Miss Surrey (England) and is now a finalist in the Miss England contest. I'm unsure how I feel about this. Wait, let me explain. I'm all for a non-stick-insect sized model being a finalist in a beauty contest and I'm certainly all for a young woman being so confident and comfortable in her own body. Where I have trouble is finding the balance between embracing your body/loving yourself as you are/not abusing yourself with stupid dieting on the one hand and 'loving your curves and womanly body' to the point of unhealthy obesity on the other. I've been a size 16 and I know I was a lot less healthy when I was that size. Certainly I was unfit and things that would have been normal exertion for other people were slightly more for me, thereby putting strain on my heart. Additionally, after I lost weight I noticed an improvement in things I hadn't even realised were under par (that's all I'm saying... don't make me talk about my menstrual cycle....) Anyway, I'm just not convinced that someone who's a size 16 can really be as healthy as she claims.

I don't know... I'm still undecided about this one.


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