A costly lesson

On Sunday evening a friend arrived from Wagga - my house acted as a bit of a transit lounge for her on the way to somewhere else on Monday. We chatted for a while until I realised we were about to be late for church, so I grabbed my keys and ran out the door... at which point I realised I had HER keys, not mine. Mine were locked in the house. To make matters worse, it was Sunday night so most of the people I could have rung were at church. Eventually I remembered that one of my friends had a cold and would probably be home sick, so I rang him and asked him to look up locksmith numbers for me. (I also thanked him for being home sick... it was very convenient for me!)

So, half an hour later I was back inside my house and ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLARS poorer! I was so annoyed with myself. I made it back to church for the prayers, announcements and final hymn. I wouldn't have even bothered except that I had to drop something off to a friend.

Today's task: I had two copies made of my house key and shall be giving them to two friends tomorrow night. A costly lesson indeed.


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