Idiot journalist

I saw the below headline on Yahoo:

I'm sure Nicole Kidman's other two kids will be thrilled to hear that she's a mum "at last". Apparently when you adopt kids you're just the housekeeper, not their actual mother.

Idiot journalist.

I was, however, thrilled to hear they've called the child "Sunday". I do hope that means they're fans of Jasper Fforde...


D.M. Cornish said...

I am just reading Well of Lost Plots now! Never heard of Mister Fforde until now - very happy to have him brought to my attention.

(As to Nic & Co, I rarely spare a thought, sorry)

femina said...

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about Nic either, but I have friends who have adopted children and they would tear me limb from limb if I suggested that they weren't "real" parents just because they never gave birth to their kids.

Oh, Jasper Fforde is fantastic. His website is very very good too... check it out.

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