Another painting

This isn't entirely accurate as I couldn't use the flash and it's not daylight right now, so I stuck it under a bright lamp to take the pic. It didn't turn out quite the way I imagined but it did capture the feel that I had imagined so I'm happy with it.

Interestingly, I wasn't that happy with it until I took the photo and looked at it from a distance. (The fact that the photo is a bit blurry helps too!) I still don't like it much up close because I can see all the dodgy bits but I like it on the screen or from across the room. Perhaps that's why paintings are hung on walls; so we can't see all the 'less than perfect' bits! I'm resisting the urge to "fix" one thing that's particularly bugging me about it. Apparently that's my lesson for today... knowing when to stop.


dr maya vale said...

I'm sure it's been said about art in general but I know it's been said about movies - that no work of art is finished it is only ever abandoned. I don't know how many other pictures there are under the Mona Lisa but I've heard there are a couple.

Is it a bad thing that I was distracted from writing this comment by trying to derive the quadratic formula?

femina said...

Oh, so true. I can't imagine what it's like for people who are actually good at painting. My abandonment is more along the lines of, "it's not exactly what I want but I know I can't do better and I'll only stuff it if I try". That's a whole different kettle of fish from people who know they can do something great.

Was it something about the painting that made you think of the quadratic equation???

Louisa said...

Gosh. Did you pain this? It's great!! Being married to an designer I totally 'get' the angst...oh dear...I must admit I am glad not to feel it myself ;)

femina said...

Yep, I did. I feel like a fraud though, because it really does look better on screen than in the flesh.

I don't mind the angst too much... it's like an adventure. The other day I felt compelled to paint a canvas pale yellow (with no real idea what would go on it after that). It's now a purple and gold background with a giant waratah flower in the foreground. No yellow to be seen anywhere; I completely covered it. Who knew it would end up like that? Not me, that's for sure...

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