I was going to start this post with "this is my last bit of self-indulgence, I swear!" - until it occurred to me that a blog is, by its nature, terribly self indulgent. So... this is in fact FAR from my last bit of self-indulgence. But it's the last lot of paintings I'll be putting up for a while as I need to restock on paint and canvasses and I can't do that until after payday. And, if I'm sensible, until after I pay off my credit card. I can't guarantee sensible, though.

I took these photos with my phone so the quality is questionable.

This painting started life as a pale yellow canvas. I'm not even sure of the process by which it became... this. This is the painting where I realised (a) I don't have the skill to paint 'realistic' looking things; but (b) that's okay. So, I like this one for those reasons. I also like it because I got to slap the paint on thickly and messily. I think I'm realising that dainty watercolours are not for me.

This tulip one below was an experiment. It's supposed to look like a stained-glass window. I don't think it does, necessarily, and the crookedness of some of the lines REALLY bugs me! :)


Leslie said...

Love the paintings!

Hi - waving at you from cool Canberra. :)

Swift Jan said...

Great work!! I'd love to have some time to do some art! Good for you for indulging!

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