Love thy neighbour... or at least find out their name

Okay, I admit it. I was going to use this article to hassle my Queensland blogger friends about being unfriendly (despite the fact that they've all been incredibly friendly to me... but maybe they're still distant with their actual neighbours). But anyway I decided it was probably wise to read the article before hassling them, particularly as it might even say that Victorians are the MOST friendly... that would be a real win.

Well, no. It didn't say that. In fact, it didn't mention Victoria at all. Now, this struck me as curious. Is it because Victorians are so friendly that it would be redundant to state it? Or are Victorians so inherently unfriendly that they're completely off the scale?

Or... is it just that no one really cares what anyone in Victoria does? (Surely not???)

Of course, I've only lived in Vic for 5 years so I don't really have that much loyalty. But still... a curious omission. (And yes, I'm aware that other states and territories were also omitted... but we don't care about those states, do we?) :)


Givinya De Elba said...

I know! I read that! I think it all depends on the particular Queenslander.

I live in a street of 6 houses. Number 6 used to be occupied by a family with obvious hospitality giftings. I mean full-on, hard-core hospitality stuff.

They would organise a street party for Christmas every year and always knew the comings, goings and everyone's names.

When they left in April, all that left with them. Not because the rest of us don't care, but because we're not that hospitality-minded. Sure, I know names and wave and say "Hi!" but all the rest of it doesn't come easily to me like it did to the previous Number 6 people.

Maybe there are just more Ex-No-6-type people in NSW?

Hippomanic Jen said...

Maybe your ex-No-6 neighbours MOVED to NSW?

I've known neighbour's names most of the places I've lived. I don't currently know my closest neighbours, but they only moved in recently (but I know the dog's name. Does that count, or is it a tragic commentary on my life?). I know many other people in the little series of culs-de-sac I call home, but not them.

Dee from Downunder said...

I know all the neighbours for 5 km... ok, theres only 4 of them, but we all know each other, country life can be good that way.

Had to laugh at Jens comment about knowing the dogs name,, when I was a kid it was a bit like that for me, knew all the dogs in the street.

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