My edible children

I am taking great pleasure in my little vegetable garden.  Really, to call it a 'garden' is a bit ambitious. It's a dozen or so pots and it's not like I'll be selling my produce at a farmers' market.  I doubt there'll even be enough to inflict upon unsuspecting work colleagues.  Despite all that, I am outside every day watering the plants and spending time gazing at them with an mixture of pride and admiration.  The pride is entirely unwarranted, since all I do is chuck a bit of water at them every day - they seem to thrive perfectly well without my intervention. Still, I love seeing how they grow and change almost before my eyes.  (Snow peas, in particular, are tremendously satisfying as they grow very fast so every morning they look bigger.)

Today I spent some time watering and fussing around them, and was thinking how much they've changed since I took the photo that I posted on here.  I considered reaching for my camera to post an update... but stopped myself when I realised I am like one of those parents who take pictures of their child every day (I have no problem with that) and then show them to you several times a week and expect you to comment about the differences between this photo and the one you saw three days ago (I have a teensy problem with that).

So, I didn't take a photo.  But as I nobly put down the camera I thought, "Boy, if I had real children I'd probably be unbearable..."


Hippomanic Jen said...

I was a leetle worried about the title of your post, but it turns out OK from the perspectives of both Skinny Cow and Children's Protective Services.

I wouldn't mind another photo.

Crazy Sister said...

Yeah - good post title!

I'd like to see a picture of your snow peas. Tomorrow I'm going to go digging under a stray potato bush in my garden and see what I can find... I'm excited already.

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