More cakey goodness

Below is a picture of the cake I made for our last Bible study of the year. Unfortunately none of us really wanted to eat it because someone else brought Chocolate Ripple Cake for dessert (the super-delicious dessert made with Chocolate Ripple biscuits and cream and other delightful things - yum!) but never mind. It was still fun to look at it!

And in other arty news... below is a painting I did the other day. It's pretty dodgy, really - I wanted to get back into painting since I haven't touched it for months, but I didn't have any ideas, nor did I have a lot of time so I just messed around for a bit... it's actually a diagram my counsellor drew the other day to illustrate a point she was making. Only she did it with a stick figure and without the pretty colours! :) Anyway it was good to play with paint again and I think I'll do a bit of painting during my holidays after Christmas.


Crazy Sister said...

Great cake! I like your painting, too. You can see a lot in it.

Dee from Downunder said...

That cake is great! Love it.

Your painting is intersting too

Hippomanic Jen said...

You are just too artistic. I hope you do have the chance over your holidays.

Femina said...

I really painted it to amuse myself after I'd laughed at my counsellor's wonky stick figures. I gave her the painting today (it's just on paper, not canvas) because I thought it was funny, given our conversation last week about her stick figures. However I'm not sure she got it because she looked for a minute like I'd just given her a painting done by someone in a sheltered workshop. :D I could have explained it but I just let it go... one more thing to add to the Femina Is Totally Wacky list... hehe.

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