Surprising question

It's my friend's birthday on Boxing Day - that's the day after Christmas, for those in America. His wife sent out a message the other day to say they were having a casual party on Boxing Day to celebrate his birthday. Yesterday after church his 16-year-old son turned to his dad and asked, "So, is your birthday party a surprise party?" His dad said, "Well, not anymore... what kind of a question is that to ask??" The son, in genuine confusion, asked, "What do you mean? [pause] Ohhhh... I get it!" [insert sheepish grin]

For the record, it was never a surprise party.



Hippomanic Jen said...

Yep. 16 yo boys. Not the smartest things in the world. I remember thinking that when I was a 16 yo girl, so they must be worse.

Femina said...

He is a lovely boy and usually very quick on the uptake but occasionally he has bursts of extreme (and hilarious) vagueness. I think it's the teenage-boy hormones.

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