Any thoughts on names?

I've chosen my kitty!  Fast work, I know, but I did all the research in the three weeks while I was waiting for my landlord to answer my request, so it was just a matter of ringing the breeder.

Photos are below. They're from my phone and the breeder's camera (apparently held in shaky hands) so she's hard to see but you can get the idea.  She's a seven week old British Shorthair and I'll be picking her up in a fortnight or so.

Now the important question - what to call her? Right now I'm leaning towards Sophie but I'm undecided.  I prefer human names for cat - no Princess or Cuddles kitties for me!  Any thoughts?


Hippomanic Jen said...

I think she looks like royalty. PRINCESS Sofie? Her Royal Highness Princess Sofia von Kitten? No?

I shall have to think on this.

By the way, what sort of soon-to-be kitty owner allows total nutters off the internet to name their cat?!?

Femina said...

Hehe - I asked for suggestions. I didn't say I'd use them. The one name that's DEFINITELY out is Misty. Many people seem to think it's compulsory to call grey cats Misty. It's really not. Honestly.

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

she is sooo cute.

To be honest Angela was the first name that came to mind when I saw her.

Femina said...

Hmmm... Angela. Not bad except that I have a friend named Angela and I feel very sure she'd be offended!

dr maya vale said...

Hmmm... I rather like Sophia, or Chiara, or Chloe, or Sage. Abigail is always good for a cat. Catherine or Caterina? Natalya? Polly or Molly or Sadie is nice for a British cat, I think...

Evie, maybe?

Femina said...

Ooh, Sadie is cute. So is Molly but that's the Big Black Dog's name so it might give me flashbacks! :D

My last cat was named Abby. Actually she was Lucy for a couple of hours but it sounded weird.

I think she's going to be Sophie by default, since I mentioned to a friend I was considering the name and every time she's emailled me since then she's referred to the kitty as Sophie as though it's a done deal, which has made the name really grow on me... so now it's hard to imagine her (the kitten) as anything other than Sophie!

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

Sophie is a lovely name. Princess Sophie is even better.

Best not offend the friends by naming animals after them!

Melissa... said...

You can call her Missy after me (twas my nickname). She's sooo cute!

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