A new addition to the House of Femina

I'm one excited little Femina today, because my landlord has just given me permission to get a cat! I'm sure all you dog-lovers out there are saying "ugh" but I don't care.  I love the placid companionship of a cat; and as a person who lives alone it is so great to come home to a face instead of an empty house.  Yes, it's a furry face that can't talk but even so it makes a huge difference.

I'm now in the process of contacting breeders so hopefully I'll have good news soon.  I could get a stray from the pound but since I am at work four days per week I want to be sure to get a breed that copes well with being alone and won't be lonely and unhappy.  I'm looking for a British Shorthair... often called a teddy-bear cat because of their placid personality.

More news soon... :)


Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

woohoo. That is great!

Hippomanic Jen said...

I love cats too. It is actually possible to be both a dog and cat lover.

Exhibit A - Hippomanic Jen.

Good idea to get one that copes well with being alone. And I so much know what you mean about coming home to a face. A face that's happy to see you is even better.

Good landlord!

No more rats- he, he.

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