The Great Freezer Challenge Part 2

Okay, I've just done a freezer inventory and I am never NEVER again allowed to complain that I have no food. NEVER. Here's what I found:

Pre-cooked meals:
Macaroni with bacon & spinach
Burrito meat x 3
Beef and lentils
Vege/lentil soup x 4
Curried sweet potato and carrot soup x 2
Pumpkin soup
Beef and rice
Pasta with red sauce
Spaghetti sauce/mince x 2

Crumbed cutlets x 8
Sausages x 4
Crumbed fish x 6

Mixed frozen veges (individual serves) x 3
Peas/corn/carrots x 1 bag
Frozen roast potatoes and hash browns x 1 bag each (I'm pretty sure those particular purchases were hormonally driven!)

Loaf of bread
Puff pastry
1/4 of an apple cake (YAY! That was a nice surprise.)
3 bananas (for banana bread)

Cat food:
Chicken necks x 3
Minced chicken frame x 4 serves

I'm ashamed to say I had no idea most of this was even there. And we're not talking about a chest freezer here - this is just the top bit of my fridge. Forget the fortnight... I think I could do the Freezer Challenge for the next month and not even have to cook anything at all for the first three weeks.

Hmmm... what to have for dinner tomorrow?


Hippomanic Jen said...

If it wasn't so far, I'd be coming to your place for dinner tonight. Yummy choices - and I still haven't got to the shops for a proper shop.

Givinya De Elba said...

What a huge freezer you must have? I'm thinkin' you're pulling our leg - you DO have a chest freezer up there on top of your fridge, no?

Otherwise - tell us the brand or the capacity or what genie in a bottle helped you fit that in.

Or I'm not believing you.

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