The Great Freezer Challenge

This morning I tried to put a loaf of bread in my freezer. I couldn't do it because the freezer is full.  I'm surprised it's full because it seems I'm always buying groceries and I never seem to know what to eat or cook for dinner - and yet here I am, with a freezer full of pre-cooked (by me) meals as well as meat and frozen fish. There are even some frozen veges for when I'm feeling lazy (which is often).  How it this possible when I keep saying I need to go shopping because I don't have any food in the house?

This discovery of food in my freezer happily coincides with my decision to get super-tough with my budget. I write budgets. I write them a lot. They are detailed and reasonable and will help me to pay off my debts some time before I die. I write them but I tend not to follow them.  I don't know about anyone else but I'm finding that this method isn't really working for me on the debt-reduction front.

So, with these two things in mind, here's my challenge.  I'm going to spend the next fortnight eating ONLY things that are already in my house - for every meal, not just dinner. I have a full freezer, a full pantry and a semi-bare fridge, although there are carrots, cheese, pumpkin, eggs (but only two so this may be a problem) and even some cream cheese. I remember buying the cream cheese a week ago but I can't remember what I was going to make with it.  Hopefully I'll remember - or come up with another idea - before it turns green...

I love a challenge and I'm quite looking forward to this one. To be honest I could probably go for longer than a fortnight but I would like to eat fresh fruit again at some point (I ate the last two pieces this morning) so I'll stick with two weeks and see how it goes. My only concession to this is that I will need to buy cat food some time during the next fortnight. I haven't tried her on it but I'm pretty certain that Sophie won't eat Weet-Bix when the kitty food runs out.

Wish me luck! (Anyone care to join me??)


Hippomanic Jen said...

I'm behind you, but not WITH you. I REALLY need to go grocery shopping, but that may only be because I'm slowly getting through the mango that was previously filling the freezer.

But you go girl!

Hippomanic Jen said...

PS I've found that the budget only works for me if I get out a certain amount of money for food for a week/fortnight and under no circumstances am I allowed to spend more than that.

Femina said...

I'll be doing that too (only withdrawing a certain amount for food). I think it's more that I was shocked at how much thoughtless spending I seem to be doing when I have LOADS of perfectly good food here that I'm not eating. I just cook it and store it in the freezer for eternity. Yeah... not a great plan.

le @ thirdontheright said...

hello dear one

my neighbour does this once a month - eats out of her 'stockplie' for a week each month to move items on ... I think it is a cool idea.

given that the closest grocery store - woolies - will soon be five hours away I think we will be doing a lot of pantry eating.

apparently the locals get stuff from woolies up via the postman - who only comes twice a week - $5 a box - he has a fridge freezer truck ...

we are huge fresh fruit people - but tinned it will be - there is a small convenience shop in town - apples were $8.50 a kg when I was up there last week - eeeccckk !!

I think your invite only idea is a good one :) hugs le

Femina said...

Le - sounds like you need to put in a vege garden and a few fruit trees when you move... ;)

Dee from Downunder said...

I have nearly done this already in our house, not much left in freezer or pantry... bad timing though... some big bills to pay this week!

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