The death of the red couch

Almost a year ago now I joined the gym and (unrelated to the gym) fell in love with a red corduroy couch at Ikea - I blogged about these things at the time.  It's taken me a while to get my act together and start saving but in the last couple of months I've made a real effort and I estimate that I'm only three or four months away from being able to afford the couch at last.  I decided to encourage myself to continue by going on to the Ikea website and having a look at my couch.  The website had a number of problems and wouldn't show me pictures but a few days later it was fine. Oh look, there's my couch. Blue, cream, striped, pink... wait, where's the red one?  Maybe it's a problem with the website again... I'll just email the store.

The red couch has been discontinued.  MY red couch has been discontinued!!


Okay, I'm sad, but I rallied. I thought, "I'll just take this as an excuse to go couch shopping at a few other stores. Yeah, it will be fun. Shopping!"  I did that today. It wasn't fun. Apparently, Ikea charges a LOT less for couches than most other stores.  I can't even afford to buy ONE 2.5 seater couch, let alone the two I had planned to get from Ikea.  It was extremely depressing.  Now I'm in a quandry about whether to keep saving for a couch or to put my savings towards my $3,500 credit card debt. Yes, I know, I should get rid of my debt first. The problem is that it's going to take me a long time to be able to pay it off - although I have a plan and I'm reducing it slowly - and I was just finding it depressing never to buy any nice things for myself. My whole life became about bills and debt reduction and it made me cranky and discouraged, so I decided to slightly reduce my credit card payments and redirect some of that towards my savings.  It felt so good to be saving for something fun.  Sigh. I want my red couch!


Givinya De Elba said...

This is very sad. Those Swedes. They should bring the red back. Do you want me to pop down to Ikea and put the pressure on?

I understand the need to treat oneself. It was a good idea.

Hippomanic Jen said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOOO!!! That's really terrible. Just shows you that it is much better to spend indescriminantly on an impulse than all this "save up for it so that you appreciate it more" rubbish! ;)

You know, you are possibly the only person I know who associates going to a gym with comfortable lounge furniture. Very interesting connection!

Swift Jan said...

You know that IKEA does couch covers too.... so you never know. The couch you like may just have a red cover that fits it!!

I would investigate further!! *hugs*

Femina said...

Swift Jan, this was the Ektorp couch which has fully removable covers in every colour a person could want... just no longer in red. I can't believe there is more of a market for the baby pink than for the red, but apparently this is so.

Swift Jan said...

Ahh bummer! I am surprised by baby pink also!

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