Wait, I agreed to what??

Every second Tuesday I meet with two friends to chat about our lives and pray together. It's a special time and it's been good to share the ups and downs and keep up with each other beyond, "How are you? Good? Good."

We've been meeting together since the beginning of March and in that time we've all been through various hard things as well as some celebrations. One thing we've each said consistently is that we really need to exercise more. There are various reasons for this... we all need to lose a bit of weight to be in our healthy weight range and we also each have health and/or emotional issues that could be helped by exercise. In my case, a number of factors have contributed to a significant increase in anxiety attacks in recent months. The good news (which is also the bad news) is that regular exercise is one thing that can help because it helps to burn off the large amounts of adrenaline that are produced during anxiety. It does make a real difference - I know this, and my counsellor has reiterated it a number of times. Knowing it, however, hasn't motivated me to exercise.

So today as we, in our prayer triplet, each said again that we "really should do some exercise" we decided it was time to stop talking and start doing. We have each committed to an exercise plan for the next fortnight and we're going to report back when we meet again in two weeks. My particular plan looks like this:

* Do a workout at the gym three times per week; and
* Walk to my counselling session next week and the week after instead of driving.

It looks pretty easy, right? The problem is, I haven't been near the gym in about four months and I'm not sure I can even make it up the stairs to the lockers, let alone manage a workout. And the nice little stroll to my counsellor's house for my session? Walking at a reasonable pace (faster than a stroll but not a power walk) it's going to take me roughly 70 minutes. Each way.

Yeah. What was I thinking??


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh! Exercise! Makes me tired just thinking about it. Am wondering if I will actually feel BETTER after this caesarean than before it?

When I read your post title, I was worried it might have related to having promised to do knitting for my babe, and now regretting it ... you know I love you anyway, knitting or not, okay?

Hippomanic Jen said...

I don't think I COULD walk for 70 minutes. Let me know how it goes, okay.

By the way, I'm back.

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