Well THIS looked like a fun game.

I left the zipper on my knitting bag open just a tiny bit - before going out for an hour...


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh! Wow! I thought that was just a cliche - cats and balls of wool. Well! I learned something today.

Swift Jan said...

hehe... sorry but thats REALLY cute!!!

Hippomanic Jen said...

I am going to Sydney, but I don't think the church will countenance the additional airfare to Melbourne, somehow. But wouldn't it be great (even if I had to share a bed with a small kitty)!

Maybe I'll just swap plane tickets with a Melbournian?

I will have to make this happen if ever we're back down that way. I have rellies in Melbourne and Traralgon and Chris has them in Wodonga and Adelaide. It must be possible to achieve a holiday down that-a-way sometime.

But not in winter.

Or for that matter summer.

Maybe autumn when the leaves are on the turn?

Oh, but we missed it this year.


Crazy Sister said...

Love it! Hope it gave you a big laugh, in spite of the mess. Hope the Janet Evanovich books are giving you lots of laughs, too - sounds like you've been needing that lately!

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