A quandary

Okay, I'm in a bit of a quandary at the moment.  Here's the situation... I joined the gym a bit over a year ago, when I was just starting to come out of a period of depression. It was great timing because I was starting to feel better and adding the exercise helped a lot with that.  However, for the last four months (at least) I've barely been to the gym at all and frankly I'm not particularly motivated to go... and this means I'm paying $78 per month to avoid the gym. Hmmm.

So I'm trying to weigh up my options. I have considered cancelling my membership and buying a treadmill instead. The advantages to this are:

*  I don't have to leave my house.
*  Once I've paid for the treadmill I won't incur any ongoing costs.
*  If I do concede defeat eventually (not that this would happen... ahem...) I can sell the treadmill.
*  I can put the $78 per month onto my credit card debt.

These are all good reasons to go with the treadmill plan. The reasons I'm hesitating are:

*  I'll still need to be more motivated than I am currently - there's a danger the treadmill may just end up being an expensive clothes airer.
*  I fear that once I give up my gym membership I'll instantly regret it and suddenly develop motivation to go... kind of a reverse buyer's remorse.
*  At the gym I have a variety of exercise options; with the treadmill I'll only have one. 

Sigh. The advantages are quite convincing but... oh, I don't know... I think I just want to be 100% convinced. Of course if I approached my whole life that way I'd never get out of bed.

Yeah. I'm not one of life's real risk-takers. Does it show??.


Swift Jan said...

I understand.

About 18 months ago I gave up my gym membership.
I hadn't been to the gym in ages & knew that it was just money being wasted. My hesitation wasn't whether I would regret it,well sort of it was. But when I joined the gym 5 yeras ago I got an awesome deal of $32 per month!! WOWEE.... I knew I would NEVER get a good deal like that again. Ever.
So in the end I decided to just give it up & use the footpaths around our area instead for exercise.

I have never regreted it.
I say get the treadmill. If I had room in my house I would buy one in a second...

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh a quandary indeed. Depends what floats your [exercise] boat - for me, a twice-weekly trip to the local pool to do [very slow] laps would work. Wish I was a gymmish, treadmilly type of exerciser though. Less rough on the hair.

Louisa said...

Check you email...hope you give it a go & hope it helps! If so, you have my Ridley Leadership & Mgmgt lecturers to thank!

Hippomanic Jen said...

I bought my little rowing machine and love it. I can watch what I want; I don't have to get dressed or go out; it doesn't matter what the weather is (and the room is airconditioned/heated); It doesn't matter what time of day or night it is; I can shower in MY shower afterwards.

But if you enjoy the company it would be a dud.

Also, I blank my mind out with West Wing and so don't miss the variety.

Also, I worked out the cost of the rower as how many months gym membership it was. I've used it regularly beyond that number of months, therefore in hindsight it was the better deal and I can use it now for free. - and I can come back after a few months off.

Treadmills do take up alot of room, though - that was the reason I didn't go with a bike (that and overall cost).

Obviously the on-going cost of gym membership is not working as a motivation for you.

My drug-hazed ramblings are probably not much use - but here they are anyway.

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