Two loads of washing.
Dyed my hair (and missed a spot... damn it...)
Two chicken pies.
One tuna casserole.
Two loaves of banana bread.
One batch of roast pumpkin and feta risotto.
One batch of bolognese sauce.
Part of an editing job.
Playing with cat.

Oh yeah.


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow. Heaps of cooking, good on you!

batch of muffins (burnt)
egg custard (boiled over while breastfeeding)
jelly (didn't stuff that up)
risotto (not enough rice; supplemented with lentils!)
everyone alive and well at the end of the day, despite everything.

Givinya De Elba said...

PS - didn't see blood or flames! Success!

Femina said...

I was cooking for a couple of friends (one is sick and the other is very stressed) - I'm always more inspired when it's for someone else. I kept a couple of serves of each for myself though. :)

If I had just had a baby, however, I would have been sitting at home waiting for someone to bring ME some chicken pie!

Lilly said...

Oh yeah, indeed!!

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