Things of which I am proud

For Kate, here's a list of things of which I am proud and/or thankful in 2009...

I am proud that I got through the entire winter without depression, for the first time in... well, a long time.

I am proud of the times when I am able to say, "I was abused."

I am proud of finally saying, "I believe I can change and that healing is possible" and actually meaning it.

I am thankful that, with God and good friends, I survived a difficult period at work without killing the people who were making it difficult (even though I fantasised about it).

I am thankful for the fantastic people I've met through blogging.

I am enormously thankful for the love and support of 'N' and 'K', my wonderful prayer buddies.

I am thankful for a counsellor I can trust, who is also helpful, wise and funny, and who knows when to push and when to back off (although I admit I am not always thankful at the time when she pushes me). :D

I am proud of every bit of healing progress I have made, even when it's only tiny. It all counts.

I am thankful for music and poetry that lifts my spirits, makes me smile and shines a light in dark places.

I am thankful for my cat and her funny ways.

I am thankful that setbacks are temporary... and thankful for those who remind me of that when I'm stuck in darkness and can't see a way out.

I am thankful beyond words that God bears with me and loves me extravagantly and forever - even in the face of my constant doubts, uncertainties and fears.

And for more thankful lists from some wonderful people, check out Kate, Becky, Crazy Sister and Scurrette.


Crazy Sister said...

That's a list to be proud of!

Hippomanic Jen said...

Love the depth of your list. I wish I was awake enough to do that sort of reflection on 2009 in my life, but I think it needs to await sleeeep.

Wishing you an even better 2010!

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh thankyou for your lovely list. I am proud of you, my strong and courageous friend, for dealing head-on with what 2009 has brought you.

Manda said...

I'm thankful that one person can say all of those things simultaneously: you've been through such hard stuff (and you know I don't just mean this year) and yet you can be thankful, proud, and praise God.

Praise God!

Scurrette said...

That is an inspiring list. You've done good. ♥

Swift Jan said...

I am imensley (sp?) proud of you!! You are amazing!

Glenda Farmer said...

You passed the test! (bit too easy perhaps?)

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