Life and death

A friend's mother died this morning. She was a faithful Christian and I am confident she is in heaven, rejoicing and praising God. That's a comfort to her family but it doesn't stop the wrenching grief and sadness for them, particularly as they've just had their first baby who now won't know one of his grandmothers.

On the other side of the coin, one of my teachers and her partner almost lost their baby this week (at about week 34 of pregnancy, I think) but now it looks like everything will be fine for baby and mother. They lost a baby a year or so ago so it must have been a fairly horrible reminder of that. I only know my lecturer through uni, not socially (ie, we're friendly but not friends, if that makes sense) but still I'm so glad for them that everything is fine so far.

What a broken world this is, where illness and death can snatch people so suddenly... I don't know how people can feel hope in anything if they don't have confidence of resurrection with Jesus. Without that, it's just an endless cycle of pain and death with a few good moments in between... and even with Jesus it can be pretty awful at times.


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