I've just been offered a new job! I don't have time to blog properly right now, but let's just say I'm very very happy. More later.

Okay, now it's 'later' so here's more information. As you may be aware, I'm currently working in a church office... not the church I attend (not even the denomination I attend). In some ways I've loved the job because it's fairly autonomous and the people have been very friendly and welcoming. In other ways, though, it's been quite difficult. It's a very isolating job - I'm in the church alone most of the time - and that can get a bit wearing. The main thing, however, is that the theology of the church is so different from mine that I feel like I'm facing opposition constantly. It's 'friendly' opposition and certainly no one has tried to pick on me or openly insult me for my beliefs, but even friendly opposition is difficult.

The minister, and many of the parishioners, hold extremely liberal views. The minister doesn't believe that Jesus is God, doesn't believe in a bodily resurrection, dismisses most of the Bible as having a political purpose (so it may contain useful life lessons but isn't the word of God), doesn't believe that God can intervene to answer prayer, doesn't believe in sin or the need for atonement and believes that all faiths are on essentially the same path. This cuts right at the heart of what I believe - and what the Bible says - and it's been difficult to work in that atmosphere. Those who share the minister's views think that I'm old-fashioned, bigoted and (possibly) stupid and uninformed, at the very least. I'm constantly hearing about evil, 'traditional' teaching and how awful it was... this would be the same teaching that is exactly in line with what I believe God still says through the Bible.

The new job is basically the same thing - managing a church office - but it's in a church with solid, evangelical, Biblical teaching. I'm so excited about working in a place where I can support gospel ministry, where people aren't being taught lies; to be working in a church where Jesus is Lord and people are keen to do Kingdom work. It's a huge relief and a definite answer to prayer.


D.M. Cornish said...

Amen! Halelujah! Jesus is so brilliant and He IS the son of God and what is the point of caling yourself a Christian if you do not even believe this! (The smiling arrogance and well-meaning, poorly informed rebillion of people astounds me and dismays me!)

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest...

femina said...

I completely agree - at the core of this "progressive" thought is just a whole lot of arrogance.

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