Shiny floss

I floss my teeth in the shower.  Yes, I know, it wastes water and we've been in drought for ten years.  I swear, I save water in other ways... but I can't give up the shower flossing.  When I finish flossing I roll up the floss and toss it outside the shower onto the floor so I can pick it up and throw it away once I get out of the shower.

Sometimes I forget to pick it up but I'll usually find it later.  Sometimes I don't find it until much later... like this morning, when I found a length of floss in my clothes basket.  This would be my clean clothes basket, which means the floss got picked up with the dirty clothes on my bathroom floor and went through the washer and dryer with my clothes.

One part of me thought, "Euuww, second-hand floss."  Another part thought, "Well, it's been washed and dried... I can use that piece again..."


Louisa said...

please don't...just say you didn't!!!

femina said...

Let's just draw a veil over the whole thing...

Nah, I didn't use it. But I seem to have lost it before I could throw it away so perhaps it will turn up in my washing basket again.

Le @ Third on the Right said...

hee hee - this post so made me smile :) a start of an idea ... maybe !! who knows when we will facce a world wide floss shortage !!

Thanks for coming by today - I so love to read you words - smiling le

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